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Onsite Optimization

For effective local SEO, your website must be optimized.This is even more critical if your business serves an area beyond the city or town where your company is physically located. To locally rank your business for additional areas that you serve, each area should have its own landing page. These pages must contain unique content that is tailored and optimized to be relevant to each area. This optimization is the key to moving your company onto the first page of the SERPs for searches in any community you serve.

Search, Display, & Shopping Campaigns

Our Pay-Per-Click (PPC) experts help you succeed with the right strategy for your business needs. Any type of business can benefit from a PPC campaign to attract new customers when they are searching for your products or service. Don’t allow your competitors to be at the top of the search page with their ads without showing those potential customers why they should choose your business instead. Reach a much larger target market when you expand your strategy to include PPC. Contact us today to find a plan that works within your advertising budget.

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“ I can’t say enough great things about X1 Marketing. First of all, they are exceptionally knowledgeable and I have learned so much about SEO just by having them walk me through their process. They did a site analysis for MomAngeles that really helped us increase our page views, and keeps us on target with keywords and other SEO techniques we now use in content development. They are accessible and helpful! They really are experts in this space. I have recommended them to many of our clients as well!”

Janet Renolds

“ You’re doing awesome… our sales have increased and a lot of it has to do with X1 Marketing! We definitely appreciate it. We definitely want you to spend more if you can, as long as the Conversion costs keep within our goals. We’re very pleased with their services”

Sara Blankenship

Frequently Asked Question

Is SEO Dead?

As fun as it is to say, no: SEO is not dead. SEO is still a vital part of online marketing; and unless the way we search for content changes drastically, it will be for a long time. Businesses looking for immediate leads and conversions may neglect SEO in favor of more direct, targeted approaches like paid search and paid social; but businesses that invest in SEO are investing in the long term. SEO is cost-efficient, casts a wide net, and allows potential prospects to discover your brand on their own terms. Go ahead and enter the query “is seo dead” into Google. The post you ultimately click on is only in a position to be clicked because—you guessed it—effective SEO.

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